Quality and Authenticity

Quality philosophy

A View to Food believes that Australians want to enjoy eating delicious food! We translate that into some essential requirements for food safety and quality: our quality philosophy.

We check that good manufacturing processes are in place, which are procedures to control harmful substances and practices, so that our food is at its best.

Allergen control is also important to A View to Food. We avoid introducing allergens as much as we can, so that our food is safe for as many Australians to eat as possible. Some allergenic ingredients are used, and these are clearly marked on our food packaging labels.

We avoid using additives such as colours, flavours, and preservatives. We don’t use any artificial colours or flavours, and we only use preservatives if they are required to keep the food safe. We always look for alternative ways of making safe food before introducing preservatives.

Ultimately we know that Australians weigh up food quality with value for money. Whilst A View to Food will not compromise on quality to achieve lower prices, we charge a fair price for good quality product.